The fee for an initial visit is $155. The standard fee for follow-up sessions is $135. Fees for additional services, such as testing, evaluations, biofeedback training, and clinical hypnosis may vary. Each individual is encouraged to discuss costs for additional services with the administrative staff prior to delivery of the services. Business consultation services are delivered only after a formal fee agreement has been established with the individual psychologist who will provide the services.

Payment Methods:

Payment is expected at the time services are rendered. Individuals who have insurance plans are responsible for any co-payment amount and any unsatisfied deductible required by their insurance plan. When more than one insurance company is involved, there is often no direct payment from the individual receiving services (except for annual deductibles). Reports, test results and medical records are not released prior to payment for services. Co-payments and balances may be paid with Visa® or MasterCard®.


The psychologists on staff at BMS are all eligible to receive third party reimbursement from insurance companies; however, not all psychologists are on all insurance panels. The administrative staff verifies insurance benefits and help secure managed care authorization prior to the first visit. Managed care agencies (HMO, PPO, etc.) often require the individual to contact their primary care physician or the insurance company for referral and pre-authorization. An appointment will not be given unless the individual has been made aware of the fees and agrees to assume responsibility for payment of services even when third party payers such as insurance companies have agreed to pay.