Other specialties...

In addition to individual, couples, and/or family psychotherapy, we have psychologists who provide: 

·Stress Management Training
·Clinical Hypnosis (Click here for more information)

·Biofeedback Training

Individuals often need a more formal assessment, or psychological testing to better understand their challenges and ensure that they get the best treatment available. We frequently receive the following types of psychological testing referrals:

· Diagnostic Clarification
· Learning Disabilities
· Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
· Autism 
· Developmental Delays
· Intellectual Disability
· Personality Testing
​· Career/Occupational
· Neuropsychological Testing
· Pre-surgical Evaluations
· Competency Evaluations
· Fitness for Duty Evaluations 

Psychological Testing

Our psychologists are experienced in treating a wide array of issues and disorders, including: 

· Overwhelming stress
· Intimacy and Interpersonal Issues
· Grief and Loss
· Depression and other Mood Disorders
· Panic and other Anxiety Disorders
· Phobias
· Traumatic Stress
· Sexual Abuse
· Reactive Attachment Disorder
· Autism Spectrum Disorders
· Behavior Problems
· Personality Disorders

Common issues or disorders we treat...

At BMS we work with individuals, groups, couples, families, employers, and companies to assist in developing healthier, more effective patterns of behavior at home, school, or in the workplace. Our psychologists apply scientifically validated treatments and procedures to assist people in making important life changes.

The psychological services provided, as well as the length and intensity of treatment at BMS will vary depending on the presenting problems and specialization of the psychologist. At BMS, our support staff is committed to matching individuals with the psychologist whose training and approach will be the best fit and ensure optimal outcomes. At BMS, treatment is seen as a collaborative effort between the client and the psychologist. We believe in helping you meet your goals with the most effective therapeutic approaches. We strive for the most cost efficient treatment possible and do not believe in endless therapy that costs you a fortune.

Our compassionate approach has helped hundreds of patients lead more happy and productive lives. Our clinicians genuinely care for every patient. BMS is a well-established practice providing psychological services to Central Arkansas for over thirty years. Our impeccable record of integrity and responsibility speaks for itself.

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